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The Morning Glory


950 sqft ︱ Neutral Oasis x Sculptural Forms

We had the opportunity to work with homeowners, An Zhen and Amanda, a pair of soft-spoken, down-to-earth folks, looking for a designer to gently spruce up their humble abode.

Cher shares: "When I first spoke to the couple, it was very clear that their personalities and expectations for the design of their first home were very aligned. They weren't looking for an extensive renovation throughout the space, and definitely not something over-the-top to impress others. That is simply not them." 

The 3-bedder apartment eventually leaned into a
modest, well lived-in space dominated with a timeless, earthy, organic palette. The material palette consisted of delicate beige marble, naturally-weathered stone surfaces, cream-coloured finishes including the use of laminates and paint, and accented with dark wood and black elements to add contrast and sophistication.

"While the couple was generally reserved, I observed private moments where their playful traits and liveliness were shared only between each other. Whenever they were together, there were always subtle giggles and clever banter. And whenever I met them, they'd be dressed mainly in neutral colours but both carried along one or two distinct accessories with a cheerful pop of colour. It was important that while the home's background was more of a calm, neutral setting, that this side of their personalities could shine through with thoughtful styling," shares Cher. 

houghtful styling specifically with the use of artful, sculptural elements and eclectic pops of colour were introduced to the homeowners. Eventually with the consult of Cher, the couple invested in some pieces of custom furnishing which would act as artistic centrepieces and further enhanced with distinct decorative elements such as large format artworks that reflect mainly the personality of Amanda, who with her own creative background, enjoyed the styling process thoroughly. 

At Studio Metanoia, our design is focused on humanising interior design by bringing a strong sense of personal connection to the space and reinterpreting the boundaries of what a “home” should feel like for our clients through an in-depth understanding of their personalities whether profound or understated. 

The dining table was intentionally set against the only windows in the living room allowing for an almost-alfresco dining experience. This would also be the space where Amanda would enjoy her personal time and space with a good book on a slow afternoon. As she sits by the window close enough to connect to the outside world at her own terms, she basks in the gentle warmth of the sunlight and glows elegantly in the moment of calm and stilness.

studiometanoia_morning glory_dining 01
studiometanoia_morning glory_dining 02
studiometanoia_morning glory_dining 03
studiometanoia_morning glory_dining 04

While composing the setup of the living room, a deliberate juxtapose of edgy materials such as stainless steel and soft, luscious fabrics were selected to elevate visual interest while each individual element retained their sculptural curved form for overall consistency. Without an extensive renovation, personal collectibles, curated decor pieces, and custom furnishing and art pieces were meticulously organised to bring-forth the personalities of the homeowners.

studiometanoia_morning glory_living room
studio metanoia_morning glory_living room 02
studiometanoia_morning glory_living room 03
studiometanoia_morning glory_living room 05

The master bedroom is a restful retreat with multiple ambient lighting options to suit one's varying moods.

studio metanoia_morning glory_bedroom 01
studio metanoia_morning glory_bedroom 02
studio metanoia_morning glory_bedroom 03
studio metanoia_morning glory_bedroom 04

"I love the bathroom," Amanda gushes with pride as she shares how this organic-luxe bathroom inspired by Aesop is now an oasis of calm for the couple.

The revamp of the Master Bathroom was one of the main areas that was prioritised. The original bathtub was replaced by a 1.6-metres long vanity area. A custom double integrated sink would now enhance the simple ritual of the couple's everyday life, allowing them to connect with each other even while completing the most mundane of activities. While storage units were a necessity, Cher proposed for custom-made "floating" mirror cabinets  to ensure that light could still flow through the entire space.

Cher shares: "This is also one of my favourite bathroom revamps done thus far. While I personally prefer dark and moody interiors, I appreciate the importance of natural light and hoped that with this layout, the couple would get to start their day right every morning, side by side, relishing in each other's presence and the gentle rays of the sunlight coming through into this tranquil bathroom."

studio metanoia_morning glory_bathroom 02
studio metanoia_morning glory_bathroom 03

Breakfast is a mood too. With a nifty kitchen space to work with, a retractable countertop was proposed to maximise the preparation area.

studio metanoia_morning glory_kitchen 01
studio metanoia_morning glory_kitchen 02
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